Plumber doing inspection on plumbing in knoxville tn

Should I Have A Plumbing Inspection Done In My New Home

Should I Have A Plumbing Inspection Done In My New Home

Plumber doing inspection on plumbing in knoxville tnBefore you buy a new home, you will certainly have the entire property checked out by a licensed inspector. Almost every homebuyer does this and you should not avoid it at any cost. The exercise of property inspection should be carried out much before you make the final call of signing on the dotted lines. You cannot own a home or buy a property that has not been thoroughly inspected.

By that logical approach, you should not require a plumbing inspection in your new home. However, as reality would have it, you need a separate plumbing inspection.

A property inspection usually involves checking all structural and integral parts of the home, including all areas of construction, adherence to building codes, validity of legal paperwork and ownership among others. But, the diligence with which the legal paperwork is checked out to ascertain adherence to building codes and ownership, is not put into checking out the plumbing installations. If you have bought a house before or if you have accompanied a property inspector, then you would know what happens during the process vis-à-vis plumbing.

A property inspector will go around the house, turn on the taps and the faucets, check the showers, flush the toilets and possibly will check out the power connections. At best, the property inspector will go down to the basement or check out if the heaters and other devices are working fine. A property inspector will not check out the quality of plumbing, the condition of the pipes, the type of underground pipes and sewers being used and what condition they are in. Also, a property inspector doesn’t have the specialization to check for signs which may indicate a problem with the plumbing installations. The last thing you want is to buy a new home, pay with your hard earned money and then walk into with a jubilant heart to find plumbing problems. Then, you will have to shell out some generous bundles of cash to fix those issues.

Have a plumbing company conduct a thorough inspection of a property, before you agree to sign or release any payment. You can have a plumber accompany you on a day when you would visit the property and you can not only identify all the potential or existing plumbing problems, but you shall also be able to know what it would take to fix them. Accordingly, you may alter the terms of purchase, choose to go ahead with the set terms if the costs are bearable or cancel the deal altogether.