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41 Facts About Knoxville That You Probably Didn’t Know

41 Facts About Knoxville – That You Probably Didn’t Know…

Knoxville TN has a lot more going for it than you probably realize. This little southern city is the home to some big events that you may not have even realizes came out of Knoxville. 

Musical Roots

BCM-Museum_Amelia-Spooner1.     Knoxville is considered the “cradle of country music” it is the place where country music first came down from the hills.

Dolly-Parton2.     Dolly Parton got her start in Knoxville as did the Everly Brothers.

Hank Williams Sr.3.     Hank Williams Sr. spent his last night alive right in Knoxville.

Elvis Presley4.     Elvis Presley did not get his start in Knoxville but he did get a nice sized push when a record exec heard his first song being played in a store in Knoxville on the radio and as they say the rest is history!

Kenny Chesney5.     Country singer Kenny Chesney grew up in Knoxville TN and calls it his home.

Strategically Located

Norris DamNorris Dam6.     It is a city that is very rich in history and has played a role in just about every aspect of American history from being the epi center for the Tennessee Valley Authority. Norris Dam was the first dam of the authority was built north of Knoxville in the 1930’s.

Knoxville, Tennessee River, UTC campus, aerial photo7.     The list of accomplishments and fun facts about this city is long and pretty amazing when you think that it is nestled in the middle of the state of Tennessee without access to many of the large ports although Knoxville can be considered an international port in its own right. If someone was so inclined they could travel to the Great Lakes and back down to the Gulf of Mexico on the Tennessee River, which of course runs right through Knoxville.

The Nicknames

Every famous city around the globe has its proper name and than its nickname. Like NYC is called the Big Apple, Knoxville has enjoyed some different nicknames through out the years. 

8.     It was called the “Marble City” for a while because of the rock that was quarried in the area (which was not actually marble but looked a lot like it).

9.     It was called the “Streaking Capital” thanks to an unusual streaking event in the 70’s.

10. The famous newsman Walter Cronkite also blessed the city with the “Underwear Capital” as a moniker in the 70’s thanks to the same streaking event.

11. Of course “The Cradle of Country Music” as explained above was also a name that is used to describe this rather diverse city.

Famous Folks That Hail From Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville12. Johnny Knoxville (celebrity and movie star) comes from Knoxville his actual name is Phillip John (PJ) Clapp.

peyton-manning-randy-moss-tenn13. Peyton Manning the star quarterback got his start at UT.

14. Author Kurt Vonnegaut was also born in Knoxville. He is best known as a counter culture writer that inspired a generation of hippies to question authority.

15. Adolph Ochs who would someday become the owner of the New York Times newspaper got his start in Knoxville as a junior typesetter at the ripe old age of 11!

Quentin Tarantino16. Quentin Tarantino the award winning movie producer was also born in Knoxville.

17. Admiral David Farragut was born in Knoxville and made his mark as a Union Admiral and is credited with coining the famous phrase “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead”.

facts-knoxville-118. George Dempster was born in Knoxville and invented the first garbage dumpster. The Dempster Dumpster was considered an engineering marvel of the time. He also was the FIRST stems shovel operator to move earth for the Panama Canal project. Upon his return to Knoxville he became Mayor of the city but not without a bit of controversy. He is credited with getting “rid” of the old market square and building the new square. The newspapers of the day reported that there was a “suspicious” fire but while there were plenty of whispers no one outright accused Mr. Dempster of inappropriate behavior.

19. The famous poet/author Nikki Giovani was born in Knoxville as was the first black federal judge William Henry Hastie. 

jack-hanna20. Jack Hanna the world renowned zoo keeper often appearing on television shows like Good Morning America claims Knoxville as his birth place!

Famous Events

21. The first electric streetcar in Knoxville debuted in 1890.

22. It is also home to the Tennessee Power Authority which was instituted in 1933 to bring “electricity to all” by them president Roosevelt.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park23. Knoxville is credited with planting the seed of conservation for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park as early as 1913 with the National Conservation Exposition that was held to raise awareness of the beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains.

24. The Great Smoky Mountain National Park was opened in 1933 and is the nations most visited national park thanks to the efforts of the people of Knoxville that insisted on protecting the land.

Boomsday25. Knoxville has our own special way of celebrating Labor Day! Each year the “Boomsday” celebration is a work of art with one of the largest fireworks displays in the country over the Tennessee river! Boomsday is a huge event where people come from miles around to participate and enjoy the spectacle.

1940 Mountain Dew26. In 1940 Mountain Dew was born in Knoxville TN. It may not seem like a big deal now but it was a pretty big deal for the region than!

27. The Knoxville Gazette was the first newspaper in Knoxville TN. It was printed in 1791!

28. The University of Tennessee was founded in Knoxville in 1794 but not as the University of Tennessee but as Blount College. It was not until 1879 that the university became the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Butch Cassidy's29. In 1901 a member of the famous Butch Cassidy’s outlaw group was captured in Knoxville after shooting two sheriff deputies. He was incarcerated in the city jail and was able to shoot the sheriff and escape on the sheriff’s horse and gallop to freedom once again.

30. During the civil war Knoxville was a very much-divided city and even had its own radio station that supported the Union efforts!

The Worlds Fair

knoxville world's fair 198231. In 1982 Knoxville became the smallest city to ever host a worlds fair.

32. At this fair the first touch screen was introduced.

33. Bottles of Cherry Coke were revealed and generally speaking a good time was had by all attendees.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.04.01 PM34. The Golden Globe of the Sunsphere (a giant gold globe that sits in the middle of down town Knoxville) houses offices not “old wigs” as mentioned in the hit TV shows the Simpsons.

105981-004-6630D97835. The Susphere is only one of two buildings that remain from the 1982 worlds fair.

36. The 1982 worlds fair is considered the last successful worlds fair the US hosted!

Random Fun Facts

37. It is completely illegal to lasso a fish in Knoxville!

38. Bowling was the number one sport in Knoxville and had more followers than any of the other sports of the time in 1859 largely because the other more common sports like baseball and basketball had yet to be introduced to Knoxville.

Henry Knox the first ever Secretary of War39. Knoxville is named after Henry Knox the first ever Secretary of War for the United States.

HGTV40. Knoxville is currently home to HGTV a home and garden cable/satellite network.

Knoxville skyline and Sunsphere41. In 1860 Knoxville had a population of about 3500 residents today the population is about 170,000, which does not include the approximately 25,000 students that attend the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. 

Knoxville is a diverse city that has a long and interesting history that has really played a tremendous role in how America was shaped!

Low-or-no-water-pressure-fixed-by-your-knoxville tn-Plumber

Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?

Why Is My Water Pressure So Low?

 Low-or-no-water-pressure-fixed-by-your-knoxville tn-PlumberWater pressure in your home is strictly regulated by a simple truth; that water flows from higher altitudes to lower altitudes. The water pressure in every tap or shower in your home will depend on the natural flow of water from a storage tank through the pipes to the eventual faucet. The only way you can determine the water pressure other than the natural flow of water is by using air pressure tanks. Unless you have air pressure tanks, you will have to rely on the natural pressure. There are some plumbing fixtures which can increase or reduce the water pressure but they won’t have the capacity or ability to influence the water pressure through the plumbing network. They can only play a role once the water flows into the special faucet or tap system, after which the pressure is controlled, increased or decreased.

You will have low water pressure in your house in certain specific circumstances. You may have very little water in your tank, to the point that it is unable to exert any additional pressure other than gravity pulling the flow of water downwards, to the eventual faucets, showerheads or taps. Or, you may have some problems in the plumbing network that is disrupting the water pressure.

The problem in the plumbing network can be due to leaks or cracks in some pipes, joints or some fissures somewhere. The low pressure may also be due to clogged pipes. Over years of use, pipes can have buildup of sediments. Pipes can corrode and rust, wear down and such obstructions will obviously reduce the water pressure.

It is very difficult for a homeowner to identify these problems without professional help. You may know if a faucet is leaking or if you have some problems with the sink, the flush in the toilet or the showerhead. But you cannot possibly locate a problem in concealed pipes or inside the pipes. That calls for the expertise of a trained and experienced plumber.

You should always get your water pressure checked, ideally much before it begins to become worrying. Leaky pipes, water oozing out from some place that you are not aware of or extremely clogged pipes are not ideal situations for any homeowner. From unclean water to property damage, there can be very serious consequences of not taking low or reduced water pressure seriously enough to call in the experts.

Knoxville tn repipe

Signs That Your Home Needs to be Repiped

Signs That Your Home Needs to be Repiped

Knoxville tn repipeIt might not be as easy to spot, but an old rusty pipe in your home can act in much the same manner as thief in the night. This is due to the fact that they burst when you least expect it and cause extensive damage that ravishes your home. You won’t be able to believe your eyes when you see the amount of damage and destruction that a bursting old pipe can do to your home. However, we are a plumbing company that can help you avoid this type of damage and destruction by taking advantage of our repiping services. Repiping projects are quite complex and are best left in the hands of experienced and qualified plumbers that you can count on.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

The fact is that your day is pretty jam-packed with important tasks. This means that you have little free time to waste and hardly have a minute to give your pipes an extra thought. However, it is essential that you give your plumbing the attention that it deserves to ensure that you never have to deal with the damage left behind by bursting pipes. Plumbing is a convenience that you likely take for granted and just expect to be at your beckon call. Having a repipe in Knoxville is in the back of your mind.

When you turn on your shower faucet or flush your toilet, you hardly give your plumbing a second thought. However, when your pipes burst in your home you will have to pay attention and act fast. The best way to avoid bursting pipes is to be proactive and look for early warning signs that can help you avoid damage. Paying a little now for plumbing services is preferred to paying a lot later when your pipes actually burst.

Keep A Close Eye On Water Pressure

Water pressure is one of the main warning signs that you should be on the lookout for. If your water pressure becomes low or you notice that the actual color of your water is changing, you need to call on a plumber. If your water starts to look like the color of rust, chances are that your pipes are close to bursting and require immediate attention. If you notice leaky pipes this should also be a red flag. If you simply pay attention and look out for signs of aging pipes, you should be able to catch the problem before they burst.



Knoxville hot water heater vs. knoxville tankless water heater

How Different Is A Tankless Water Heater From A Tank Water Heater?

How is My New Tankless Water Heater Different From My Old Tank Water Heater?

You have made a wise choice by purchasing a tankless water heater. Your old tank water heater was probably located far away from where you use hot water, and you had to run the hot water for quite a while before any hot water came out the faucet. That was wasted water, just poured down the drain.

Your tankless water heater are designed to heat only the water you use, and may be a whole house unit or one designed to be located right where you need hot water.

Knoxville hot water heater vs. knoxville tankless water heater

Old Tank Type Water Heaters

Most homes use either a gas or electric tank water heater holding between 30 to 60 gallons of water. Even with good insulation around the tank, the water begins to cool, even if you haven’t used any hot water, and the gas burner or electric element will turn on to reheat that unused water, just because it got cool. When all the cool water is back up to the proper temperature, the heater or element will turn off until needed again, in an hour or so. This goes on all day and night, even when you are on a two-week vacation.

As you can see, you not only waste the water going down the drain while waiting for the hot water to arrive at your faucet, you have wasted all the energy to heat and reheat the water between your uses.

Your New Tankless Water Heater

A point of use tankless water heater is located right where the hot water is needed, in the bath, kitchen, or laundry. The tankless unit is usually electric power, but outside units may be powered by natural gas. When looking at tankless water heaters it important to include all the faucets that will be using the heater so it may be sized properly.

Even though your faucet or showerhead flows about two gallons of water a minute, the tankless unit does not need to heat two gallons right away. It only needs to heat a few seconds of water flow to begin, and then, be able to heat two gallons every minute after that. When you quit using hot water, the unit shuts off, and when off, no power is used.

When choosing a tankless water heater in Knoxville or just a tank type water heater in Knoxville, and looking for a Knoxville Plumber, we would encourage you to give us a call today!