Before You Deck the Halls… Have You Considered Your Plumbing?

Before You Deck the Halls… Have You Considered Your Plumbing?

Most people are not thinking “plumbing” when the holly jolly rolls around. They are thinking about shopping, family, friends and getting their holiday meals together. Of course if you do not pay a little more attention to your plumbing during this joyous season you may not be able to cook that holiday meal because of plumbing issues.

We see a huge increase in plumbing problems during the holidays and while we like to make money we also hate to see the results of a family with plumbing problems during the holidays. There are a few reasons why people have to make that emergency call.

Before You Deck the Halls... Have You Considered Your Plumbing?

Potty Problems

Little ones love to throw little things down the commode. You will never know how many little drummer boys wind up stuck in the traps of commodes during the holidays. Little trinkets, ornaments and decorations find their way into the toilet by little hands.

Of course the one thing you can do to avoid this mishap is to keep the lid shut on all the commodes and make sure none of the little ones are able to sneak off on their own.

It is not only the little ones that are clogging up the toilets around the holidays, some grownups also need to take heed. Never pour grease down the toilet. It can be tempting but it can be a disaster as well. You can actually crack your commode by pouring hot grease down the toilet not to mention you can easily clog things up. Don’t put anything down the toilet but what is supposed to be down there.

The Drains

How’s about a clogged drain for the holidays? If that does not sound that attractive to you than you should take a little extra precautions to protect your drains during the holidays. Take care that nothing goes down the drains that is not supposed to. Grease, oil, food stuff and a full range of other items that wind up down the drain can easily put a damper on the holidays.

Have your drains inspected and cleaned before the holidays to reduce the potential for problems. Clean drains will be harder to clog up from excessive holiday use. If your drains are running slow right now, prepare for them to get worse once the guests arrive. Of course you can have a little professional attention now so that you do not have to prepare for anything other than fun.