5 Incredible Ways Plumbing Changed The World — And Your Life

5 Reasons Not to Take Plumbing For Granted

We don’t typically consider plumbing unless it breaks on us or we can’t find it when we need it. Take a minute to imagine what life would be like without running water, or hot water, or toilets that flush! We are lucky enough to live in a century with state of the art plumbing technology and we also get to enjoy the plumbing services of companies like Knoxville Plumbing that we can call to help us fix any plumbing problems that might arise. A little history lesson and you will truly realize why it’s important we don’t take plumbing for granted. You may even want to stop reading and go give your toilet and kitchen sink great big hugs.

A Toilet that Flushes!

Thomas Crapper did the whole world a service by dedicating his life to sanitary engineering and popularizing a toilet that flushes its contents after use. He is one of plumbing history’s most important characters and also the reason why we sometimes call toilets “crappers” unfortunately for poor Thomas. He deserved better considering his contribution, don’t you agree? But history is history.

outhouse-wideThe Water Closet

It wasn’t until the 1900’s that most households had a room in doors where people could have privacy when they conducted necessary business. Before the water closet, if you had to go then you literally had to go outside just like all the other animals on the planet.

Sewage Lines

New York City has the right to boast the very first underground sewer line installed in 1728. Before 1728 sewers remained above ground in a steaming, mountainous stench of horror that made residents physically ill if not perpetually disgusted at all times. Finally, after the most complaining that any number of people can possibly do the sewer line was installed.

Indoor Plumbing

Indoor plumbing is truly a complex network of pipes that perform incredible and miraculous feats of engineering everyday. It wasn’t until 1829 after a hotel adopted the amenity that people began to take notice. Even more surprising than that, the White House didn’t adopt indoor plumbing until thirty years after the hotel.

Hot Water

Before 1870 if you wanted hot water you had to either a) boil it or b) wait a very long time for the sun to make the water warm. Domestic life was revolutionized by the advent of the water heater and we haven’t looked back since (probably because it’s a frightening thought) Talk about a novel experience..Being able to turn on a faucet with running water that becomes hot on command is no longer a luxury it’s considered by most a necessity in today’s day and age.

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