Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

Accessories To Turn Your Bath Into A Spa

We may spend only a few minutes in the shower what with so little time on our hands, but a bath can be both luxurious and not time-consuming. It all depends on how you efficiently you manage time.Bathrooms are some of the most frequently used rooms in a house. They’re also the most expensive as plumbing and ventilation are given top priority. You can add even more value by purchasing accessories that turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience.The list of accessories you can get is staggering. The only barrier is money. If it’s no object, then pick items that add value to the room. You may just be able to recover the cost during selling time, and if not, you get to enjoy the perks of luxury.


Vanities have different configurations. Solid wood vanities look grand, and they are, but practicality is compromised because wood doesn’t survive well in damp environments. Even if sealed, the humidity will strip it of the protective coating and leave the fibers to get weighed down by moisture. Over time, mildew will form, leave ugly stains and release potentially dangerous spores.Melamine is not expensive, but it can look the part if chosen well. Whichever type of vanity is chosen, it must be able to bear moisture well. You can reduce warping and mildew by airing out the room at all times and installing a dehumidifier or an exhaust fan. Special waterproofing membranes can also be installed behind the walls to prevent moisture from seeping through.


With sinks, none look quite so grand as a pedestal sink, a freestanding component that can be placed anywhere on the floor. The problem is you need sufficient floor space. If you can’t afford to spare much, opt for a wash vessel or a washbowl which sits above the countertop. It’s shaped into a large bowl and unlike standard sinks, takes on exotic patterns and colors with materials ranging from glass and stone to copper and even bronze.


Like vanities and sinks, tubs come in several configurations. Drop-in tubs can be very luxurious as they take on the appearance of hot tubs without the jets but are mounted on a platform inside a cavity. Freestanding designs are always gorgeous especially if they mimic or are vintage tubs. They need enough space, however, just like freestanding vanities and sinks. Being vast and bulky, they need enough room that traffic flow is not hindered, and plumbing fixtures don’t ruin the aesthetics of a smallish room.


If you’re considering remodeling your bath, these components can add to its value together with a new floor, if needed, and waterproofing techniques to keep the room functioning well for many years.

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