Knoxville Plumbing Hosting FPU

Knoxville Plumbing Hosting Financial Peace University

Knoxville Plumbing Hosting FPUOver two million families have positively changed their financial futures. It’s thanks to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University (FPU) and its course that helps set up families and individuals with the tools needed to foster a better financial future.

Updated during the summer of 2010, the nine-week Financial Peace University course is designed to help families and individuals learn how to secure financial success for the future. The course aims to help both groups gain control of their finances by utilizing different financial tools.

Knoxville Plumbing will have the honors of hosting FPU classes in July. The classes will start Thursday, July 2 at 7PM, hosted at the company’s location in Knoxville (6283 Clinton Hwy. Knoxville, TN. 37912). All Financial Peace University classes will be held in the Knoxville Plumbing meeting room.

The course is expected to meet once every week, where a different lesson will be taught by Ramsey (on DVD). Each lesson will be followed by a small group discussion. The lessons will cover the following subjects: relationships and money, budgeting, getting out of debt, emergency savings and investing.

Since the organization’s formation in 1994, Financial Peace University has continued to give people the tools they need to secure a better financial future. FPU relies on common sense principles and small group accountability to help group members regain control of their finances.

On average, families and individuals who complete FPU’s courses are known to pay off as much as $5,300 and save as much as $2,700 in their first 90 days. After taking the classes, about 94 percent of families and individuals start budgeting on a regular basis.

According to Dave Ramsey, Financial Peace University ‘not only helps transform how people handle money, but it helps transform marriages and other areas of people’s lives.’ It’s also not a ‘boring financial class.’ FPU courses, according to Ramsey, make learning about money fun and say to understand. That helps people in any financial situation benefit from using the information shared in every class.

FPU Membership Kit

Ramsey is one of many people who have experience financial stress. After he built a net worth of $1 million at just age 26, he lost it all fast. After that, Ramsey built Financial Peace University to help other individuals and families avoid the financial pain that he himself experienced.

Financial Peace University’s lessons will also include guest speakers Rachel Cruze (speaker and daughter of Dave Ramsey), Jon Acuff (author of “Quitter” and the Stuff Christians Like blog) and Chris Hogan (counselor and speaker for the Dave Ramsey Organization).

After purchasing a membership, each participant will receive Dave Ramsey’s “Complete Guide to Money,” a workbook, an envelope system and their own audio CD library. They’ll also have access to MP3s recordings of all lessons and budgeting forms. To learn more information or purchase a membership, visit:

Knoxville Plumbing Tagline Competition Winner

Congrats to the Winner of the Knoxville Plumbing Tagline Competition!

On October 16, 2014 we launched the Knoxville Plumbing Tagline Competition, asking you to create a catchy slogan for Knoxville Plumbing. Sorry for the delay, because we said we would announce the winner on January 1st.

This Tagline Competition has been tough to pick the winner, because we received so many good taglines! We received over 100 entries from Knoxville Plumbing fans within as little as couple months. Competition was fierce!

Some entries were hilarious; some couldn’t be printed on paper; others were straight from the heart. It took great efforts but little by little we managed to narrow down the contestents to a grand prize winner! Finally we agreed on one, being the very best and the winner…

We’d like to thank you all for participating in the contest and for contributing such amazing entries.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winner of the Knoxville Plumbing Tagline Competition:

“Knoxville Plumbing, Where You Get The VIP Treatment!” ~Jim Fenway

Where you get the VIP Treatment Facebook Cover

Runner Ups:

“Knoxville plumbing – Unstoppable!” ~Connie Hostetler

“Plumbing Geeks in a World of Leaks” ~Doug Miller

“Knoxville Plumbing Gets It Running!” ~Jennell Vallance

“Satisfaction Guaranteed Without Exception Or It’s Free.” ~Jeremy Johnson

“Flush the rest, and call the best” ~Natasha Erickson

“Your Pipes, Our Priority” ~Samantha Miller