Save Money on your Washing Machine with These Simple Tips

Save Money on your Washing Machine with These Simple Tips

washingMachinesAppliances can be cost efficient if you know what to choose, and prefer environmentally friendly domestic machines. Homeowners can keep their water bills at a minimum by choosing efficient showerheads and tankless water heaters among other things, but washing machines can get you in trouble every time if the plumbing doesn’t receive the proper maintenance it requires. In and of themselves, technological advancements have made washing machines more energy efficient, but all of that gets tossed aside when the machine fails to drain properly or gets clogged repeatedly. When this occurs you need the sophisticated technology of plumbing. The following information will help you save money on your washing machine by offering a few simple tips to keep your machine running the way it was designed to.

Consider adding an extra sink

To save money on washing machines and conserve space and water, some families choose to go with a smaller appliance. However, smaller laundry machines just can’t withstand the demands of a family of four and often a larger machine is the better option. The improved size will get the job done effectively but will inevitably put a much greater strain on the plumbing required for the job. This is especially true with older homes or homes with copper pipes. The increased water flow could lead to a small flood under these conditions, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune replacing your homes plumbing. Save money by adding a utility sink to the laundry room to catch excess water run off. This will give your pipes a break without the need for replacing them.

Prevent lint build up before it’s too late

Adding a utility sink will require the best plumber Knoxville has to offer and that means giving Knoxville Plumbing a call, but you can save money on your washing machine with some other useful DIY tricks as well. Lint eventually builds up in washing machines but you can prevent this by attaching a lint catcher around the drain with a plastic strip found at any major home improvement retailer.

Remember to always use the correct tools

If the cause of your washing machine clog is more involved than lint build up you might consider using a snake to help solve the problem. When you use a snake on a washing machine remember to first remove any lint possible, insert the snake and pull out debris. Soon you will be back on your way to saving precious money on your washing machine and not throwing it away.