How TO Clean a Toilet

How To Clean A Toilet

How TO Clean a ToiletHow To Clean A Toilet – Step by Step Instructions On Making a Toilet Clean

There are some household chores that some women really hate to do, but unfortunately, in order to have a clean house, some very unpleasant chores have to be done. One task that some women are not fond of is cleaning the toilet, but if it is done in the correct way, the chore does not become so bad. Here are the step by step instructions on how to make that toilet sparkling clean.

Cleaning a Toilet In the Best Way Possible

  1. Make sure the toilet and tank is clear: It is common for people to put things on their toilet lid like a cover, and also to use the back of the tank for bottles of beauty products. However, everything must be cleared from the toilet so it can be cleaned thoroughly.

  2. Add cleanser to the toilet bowl itself and scrub thoroughly: After the cleanser is added, gie the toilet around 10 to 15 minutes to the cleanser can start to break up the buildup and grime inside the bowl. After time is up, use a strong toilet brush and scrub around the inside of the bowl. Once the bowl has been scrubbed thoroughly, the toilet should be flushed.

  3. Cleaning the outside of the toilet: Some women prefer to put in the cleanser inside the bowl, then they simply close the lid and let thinks soak. The time that the cleanser is soaking can be put to good use, and a wipe away cleanser can be used to clean the outside of the toilet such as the lid, the top and sides of the tank, and the area between the toilet itself and the tank, which is often a place where grime and dust tends to settle.

  4. Be sure protective gear is used: The chemicals that are used to clean toilets can be very strong, and so strong, that it can cause irritation to the skin and eyes. Women need to use rubber gloves, and also need to protect their eyes by wearing goggles in case of splashes that may end up getting in the eyes.

  5. Tips for cleaning the toilet: The toilet is a place where germs can occur, and using sponges is not a good idea because sponges can also become germ infested, and those germs can then be passed on to other surfaces of the bathroom. Germs can make people sick, and using disposable wipes are a better way to clean the bathroom because once the task is done, they can be thrown away.

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