Plumber in Knoxville Tennessee

90 Day Financing with No Credit Check

90 Day No Credit Check IN HOUSE Financing Program

“Accounts Receivable Conversion Program” ARC For Short

The ARC program allows customers to make a purchase while taking up to 90 days to pay.

ARC works by converting paper checks into 
electronic debits. The customer’s checking account is debited at the specified time and then credited to the account.

Only 3 Requirements For Customers to Qualify For the 90 Day No Credit Check Financing Program:

• Valid Checking Account

• Valid Driver’s License, State or Military ID

• Proof of Income

Customer Benefits:

No Credit Checks!

Check writing history is the key to qualifying.

Why Wait?

You receive the service or product you need today, 
but pays over a 90 day period.

No Hassles!

Payments are automatically deducted from their checking account.

Easy On Your Budget!

We create the best payment plan to fit your budget.

4 Easy Steps To Success:

Step 1

Customer signs the 90 Day No Credit Check Agreement for the requested product or services.

Step 2

The customer presents the checks payable to the Knoxville Plumbing for the products or services.

Step 3

Knoxville Plumbing enters the customers payment schedule.

Step 4

The checks will be debited from the customer’s account on the specified